Meet So-So Dad!

Hi there. I’m Josh Barsch, single father of three kids in Rapid City, S.D., USA, and this is my website about single fathering and all that comes along with that. Some of what comes along with that: fun times, stressful times, proud times, huge accomplishments & disappointments, sleepless nights racked with self-doubt, hastily assembled meals, and a million more things.

I don’t think you have to be a single parent to enjoy what I write here. I hope not, anyway. I’m a writer by trade although most of my writing skills have been sitting dormant over the years while I have built and run my search engine marketing agency, StraightForward Interactive. People have told me for years that I should get back to writing, and while I’ve always agreed with them, I’ve struggled to find any unifying theme that I could consistently write about. Then it struck me one day that — uh, duh — you should write about single parenting, that topic that gives you reams of material every day.

And so here we are. As of this-here christening of the blog, my daughter Mia is 12, my son Ezra is 10 and my son Lorenzo is 6. ┬áSince their mother and I went our separate ways in late 2012, I’ve had them an average of about four┬ádays per week. (In the early days it was five days a week, but since the summer of 2016 it’s been a more even split).

This site is called So-So Dad because, well…when you keep everyone’s expectations low, then people are pleasantly surprised when you do something right. If I billed myself as Awesome Dad or, God forbid, the World’s Greatest Dad, then that sets the bar way too high when I inevitably do something stupid or thoughtless or lose my temper or some other dumb shit I end up regretting (which I will be writing about here plenty, just you wait). Which is far more often that I’d like, but even with all my flaws, I don’t think I’ll ever drop below “so-so” status as a father, so I thought I’d lock it in here with the blog title of So-So Dad.

Hope you enjoy the blow-by-blow coverage of our lives.

Your pal,
Josh (and Mia, Ezra, and Lorenzo)

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