Live blog: Denver jiu-jitsu road trip 

Dad, 9:06 a.m: Ezra declares, “this music isn’t good” and is then scolded for disrespecting the iconic R&B of Lionel Richie. 

Ezra, 9:12: dad are we there yet 

Dad, 9:17 am: everyone in the car except for Mia is getting schwifty in here

Ezra, 9:20 im Mr bulldopps 

Dad, 11:44 am: out of the ne Wyoming cellular dead zone. Hey Wyoming, you’re like the richest state in the Union… Crack open your piggy bank and put up a few dozen cell towers already! 

Dad, 12:22. At a gas station 3 hours from home in the middle of nowhere,  we run into a lady who was our old next-door neighbor years ago in Rapid City. Also, the first scream of STOP THROWING THINGS AT ME! emits from the rear seat. 

Dad, 12:45 pm: tiny handfuls of dry roasted edamame are enjoyed to quash hunger pangs. I have never seen this level of enthusiasm directed at dry roasted edamame. 

Dad, 1:05pm: I just passed a brand new Subaru outback with the driver smoking a cigarette. Trump is really stressing out the environmentalists. 

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